Mike Hahn

Recruiting and Retention Manager


866-774-9575, Ext. 256

Mike’s career in the trucking industry started off as a complete 180-degree turn from what he had been doing - factory labour. He started out as a new driver with training from a major carrier and soon started his over the road experience.

Shortly after, he became an on the road trainer teaching new drivers about the safe transportation of goods. Then, after much deliberation, he decided to make the leap to truck ownership and continued to drive and train in both dry van and reefer loads, running all points across North America.

Starting in 2007, Mike proudly represented the Ontario Trucking Association as a Road Knight for two years, which allowed him to learn much more about this diverse industry.

Then, some years later, the opportunity presented itself to become involved in driver recruiting where Mike continues to find his comfort zone: helping drivers find the best place for them to be safe and successful.

Mike’s spare time is usually taken up with his family and dogs.